What Are The Possible Causes Of Tsunami

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the possible causes of tsunami

A **tsunami** is a large ocean wave that is usually caused by movements in Earth’s crust, such as earthquakes, landslides, or volcanic eruptions, that displace the water above them. Sometimes, a tsunami can also result from the impact or explosion of a near-earth object in the ocean. Most tsunamis happen within the Pacific Ocean’s Ring of Fire, a geologically active area where tectonic plates meet.

Tsunamis are caused by violent seafloor movement associated with earthquakes, landslides, lava entering the sea, seamount collapse, or meteorite impact. The most common cause is earthquakes.

Tsunamis may also be caused by underwater landslides or volcanic eruptions. They may even be launched, as they frequently were in Earth’s ancient past, by the impact of a large meteorite plunging into an ocean.

The word tsunami in Japanese means harbor wave .

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