Why Can Nezuko Walk In The Sun

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Nezuko Kamado is able to walk in the sun because she comes from a lineage of Sun Breathing users and because she never consumed human flesh. Initially, she was not immune to sunlight and got burned badly. However, she managed to conquer the Sun during her battle with Hantengu, but no specific reason was given as to how she was able to do it. It is theorized that her immunity to sunlight is due to her lineage and not relying on human substance.

Nezuko also comes from a bloodline that has passed down the Hinokami Kagara dance, which is closely linked to sun breathing. Upon turning into a demon, Nezuko received a very large amount of blood from her brother Tanjiro Kamado. This blood was infused with the Hinokami Kagura dance and the Sun Breathing technique. This is why Nezuko is immune to sunlight.

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