We Are Not Afraid To Die Summary

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We Are Not Afraid To Die is a story about the extreme bravery and skills exhibited by the narrator, Gordon Cook, his family, and crewmen, who duplicate the round-the-world sea voyage made 200 years earlier by Captain James Cook. They get stuck in a storm in the Southern Indian Ocean, which leads to heavy damage of their boat Wavewalker, and they continue to fight for survival. At the end, they find the Ile Amsterdam Island, which saves their life. The story shows the determination and togetherness of a family that defied the odds and torturous weather to achieve a nearly impossible feat.

Here is a summary of We Are Not Afraid To Die

The story is about Gordon Cook and his family who are on a voyage around the world. They are sailing on their boat named Wavewalker. They are sailing in the Southern Indian Ocean when they encounter a storm. The storm is so strong that it damages their boat badly. The boat starts taking in water and they are in danger of sinking. They try to repair the boat but it is too badly damaged. They decide to abandon the boat and take refuge in their life rafts.

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They are now adrift in the ocean with no food or water. They are also exposed to the elements as they have no shelter. They are drifting for days when they finally spot land. It is an island called Ile Amsterdam Island. They manage to land on the island and find fresh water and food. They also find shelter on the island.

They stay on the island for several days until they are rescued by a passing ship. The story shows how determination and togetherness can help people overcome even the most difficult situations .

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