Why Are Moths Attracted To Light

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Moths are attracted to light because they use it as a navigation system. They are nocturnal and have photoreceptors in their eyes that are sensitive to light. They use the moon and stars to navigate during the night. Artificial light confuses them because it changes the angle and throws off their ability to triangulate properly.

Another possible explanation for why moths stay at lights is that they are mostly night-flying creatures and eventually respond to the light as they would to the sun — by settling in for their daytime sleep.

Except that not all moth species are drawn to light, and for those that are nobody really knows why. The general explanation is that the moths use a bright, distant light – the moon, say – as a navigation beacon, always flying transversely to it. However, artificial lights are closer than the moon, so the moths gradually spiral in to their doom.

Some scientists believe moths fly towards light to hide in a dark ring they perceive around the light. Others believe they do it because they can see that the path to the light is clear. Moths could even simply use the light to aid them in finding a hiding place.

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