Bovine Animals That Are Raced In Tibet

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Bovine Animals That Are Raced In Tibet written

Bovine animals are a common sight in Tibet. They are used for transportation, milk, meat, and wool. However, there is one more use of these animals that is unique to Tibet – racing. Bovine animals such as yaks are raced in Tibet as part of the annual Nagqu Horse Racing Festival. The festival is held every August in Nagqu County, Tibet Autonomous Region.

The Nagqu Horse Racing Festival is one of the most important festivals in Tibet. It is a celebration of Tibetan culture and tradition. The festival attracts thousands of visitors from all over the world who come to witness the horse racing and other cultural events.

The festival features several horse races, but the most popular race is the yak race. The yak race is a unique event that can only be seen in Tibet. The race involves two yaks and their riders racing against each other on a track that is about 200 meters long. The yaks are ridden by two men who hold on to ropes tied around the animal’s neck.

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The yaks used for racing are specially trained for this purpose. They are fed a special diet and are trained to run fast and straight. The riders also have to be skilled and experienced to handle the yaks during the race.

The yak race is not just a sporting event but also a cultural one. It is a way for the people of Tibet to celebrate their culture and tradition. The yak race has been a part of Tibetan culture for centuries and is still an important part of their lives today.

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