What Happens When The Queen Dies

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What Happens When The Queen Dies

When the Queen dies, Prince Charles will become King almost immediately by default and Camilla will become Queen Consort, it has been confirmed. This is the rule under common law, experts at University College London’s Constitution Unit explain, and it’s unlikely that Prince Charles would give the throne to his son, Prince William.

The day of the Queen’s death is known simply as D-Day. The news will be delivered to the British Prime Minister by the Queen’s private secretary, who will also inform the cabinet secretary (the country’s highest civil servant) and the monarchy’s formal body of advisers, known as the Privy Council.

The coffin will be carried from the Balmoral ballroom by a party of bearers consisting of the Balmoral estate head keep and six other keepers. In London, members of the Privy Council will be summoned to Buckingham Palace for a meeting with the new King.

The funeral will take place 10 days after her death. The day before the funeral there will be a rehearsal at Westminster Abbey.

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The new King will make a broadcast to the nation at 6 pm on the day of his mother’s death.

The Accession Council will then meet at St James’s Palace to proclaim him King.

The new King will then go on a tour of the UK before his coronation.

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