Eighth Waste Considered In Lean Is

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Eighth Waste Considered In Lean Is

The 8 wastes of lean are eight kinds of waste that occur during projects or processes and reduce value for customers. They are: defects, overproduction, transportation, non-value adding processing, motion, waiting, unused talent, and inventory. Lean practitioners use acronyms like TIMWOODS to remember and eliminate these wastes. The 8 wastes of lean are one of the cornerstones of lean thinking and can have a huge impact on profitability.

The eighth waste was added in the 1990s as the Toyota Production System was adopted by manufacturers in the rest of the world as Lean Manufacturing. The eight wastes are represented by a mnemonic, TIMWOODS, which stands for Transportation, Inventory, Motion, Waiting, Overproduction, Over-Processing, Defects, and unused Skills.

The eighth waste of lean involves failing to make use of people’s skills, creativity, or knowledge on a project. As lean evolved into the rest of the enterprise and around the world, an eighth waste, non-utilized talent was identified. Jean Cunningham and others use an acronym “DOWNTIME” to help remember the wastes. Originally there were seven wastes identified by Taiichi Ohno for the Toyota Production System.

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