Where The Crawdads Sing

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Where The Crawdads Sing is a novel by Delia Owens that tells the story of Kya Clark, a young girl who grows up alone in the marshes of North Carolina. The book is about resiliency and survival, but also alienation. The story focuses thematically a lot on Kya’s status as an outcast and sense of abandonment, as she is forced to fend for herself. The murder mystery in the book is not the true plot, which is a refreshing difference from most genre mysteries.

The book has been well received by critics and readers alike. It has been described as a lush debut about an isolated girl who finds education and solace in nature by The Guardian. Kirkus Reviews called it a wild child’s isolated, dirt-poor upbringing in a Southern coastal wilderness fails to shield her from heartbreak or an accusation of murder .

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