Where To Find Light Dragon

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Where To Find Light Dragon

The Light Dragon is a rare creature in the game Tears of the Kingdom. It is also known as the White Dragon. The Light Dragon mainly exists just between the Sky and Land plains in the air. You won’t need to get too high to reach it but still high enough to drop down to it. It circles mostly around the outskirts of the map, passing by or over most of the Dragons Tear locations .

To find the Light Dragon during its rounds in Hyrule, you should wait on the Great Sky Island. The dragon can be seen passing by twice – once in the east and once in the west . There’s no quick method to finding the Light Dragon, but with perseverance you’ll get there. Just keep checking the skies around the Skyview Towers and move on to the next one if you don’t spot it close by. It really is a pain to find but the materials it gives you are more than worth it .

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