Widal Test 1 160 Means

what a Widal test 1160 means

What Does a Widal Test 1160 Mean

The Widal test is a blood test that is used to diagnose typhoid fever. It measures the levels of antibodies in the blood that are specific to the bacteria that cause typhoid fever, Salmonella typhi.

A titer of 1160 or higher is considered diagnostic of typhoid fever. This means that the blood contains a high level of antibodies to Salmonella typhi.

However, it is important to note that a Widal test alone is not enough to diagnose typhoid fever. Other clinical and laboratory tests, such as a blood culture, may also be needed to confirm the diagnosis.

A blood culture is a test that is used to grow bacteria from the blood. If Salmonella typhi is found in the blood culture, then this is a definitive diagnosis of typhoid fever.

The Widal test is not always accurate. False positives can occur, especially in people who have been vaccinated against typhoid fever. False negatives can also occur, especially in the early stages of typhoid fever.

If you have a Widal test result of 1160, it is important to see a doctor to discuss your test results and to get further testing, if needed.

Here are some additional things to keep in mind about the Widal test

* The Widal test is most accurate when it is done 7-10 days after the onset of symptoms.
* The titer of the antibodies may increase over time, so it is important to repeat the Widal test if the initial test result is negative.
* The Widal test is not always necessary to diagnose typhoid fever. If you have a clinical presentation of typhoid fever, such as prolonged fever, headache, and rash, your doctor may not need to order a Widal test.

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If you have any questions about the Widal test, please talk to your doctor.

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