Dilated Pupils Meaning In Hindi

dilated pupils in Hindi

Dilated Pupils Meaning In Hindi

Dilated pupils, also known as mydriasis, are when the dark center of your eye (the pupil) is widened. This can happen for a number of reasons, both normal and abnormal.

Normal Causes of Dilated Pupils

* Low light Your pupils dilate in low light to let in more light. This is a normal reflex that helps you see better in dim conditions.
* Medications Some medications, such as eye drops and pain relievers, can cause dilated pupils.
* Recreational drugs Drugs such as marijuana, cocaine, and LSD can also cause dilated pupils.
* Medical conditions Some medical conditions, such as brain tumors, stroke, and infection, can also cause dilated pupils.

Abnormal Causes of Dilated Pupils

* Horner’s syndrome This is a rare condition that causes one pupil to be dilated more than the other.
* Adie’s pupil This is another rare condition that causes one pupil to be dilated and unresponsive to light.
* Argyll Robertson pupils This condition is associated with syphilis and causes pupils that are dilated and unresponsive to light, but constrict normally to accommodation.

What to Do If You Have Dilated Pupils

If you have dilated pupils, it is important to see a doctor to determine the cause. If the cause is a normal reflex or medication, there is no treatment necessary. However, if the cause is an abnormal condition, such as a medical problem or drug use, treatment may be necessary.

Dilated pupils in Hindi

In Hindi, dilated pupils are called विस्फारित तारा (visfaarit tara). This literally means dilated star.

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