Pathkind Lab Test Price List

Pathkind Lab Test Price List

Pathkind Lab Test Price List

Pathkind Labs is a leading diagnostic laboratory chain in India that offers a wide range of tests at affordable prices. The lab is NABL accredited and uses the latest technology to ensure accurate and reliable test results.

Pathkind Labs offers a variety of test packages to suit different needs. These packages include general health checkups, women’s health checkups, men’s health checkups, and more. The prices for these packages vary depending on the tests included in the package.

Pathkind Labs also offers individual tests. The prices for individual tests also vary depending on the test. Some of the most popular individual tests and their prices include

* Complete Blood Count (CBC) – ₹499
* Blood Sugar (Fasting) – ₹149
* Lipid Profile – ₹399
* Liver Function Test – ₹299
* Kidney Function Test – ₹299
* Thyroid Profile – ₹399
* Vitamin D – ₹399

Pathkind Labs also offers a variety of other tests, including prenatal tests, STI tests, and cancer screening tests. The prices for these tests vary depending on the test.

To know more about the test price list of Pathkind Labs, you can visit their website or call their customer care number.

Here are some of the benefits of getting your tests done at Pathkind Labs

* Affordable prices
* NABL accredited
* Uses the latest technology
* Accurate and reliable test results
* Convenient online booking and payment options
* Home sample collection
* Quick turnaround time for test results

If you are looking for a reliable and affordable diagnostic laboratory, Pathkind Labs is a great option. You can be assured of accurate and reliable test results at a price that you can afford.

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