Can You Eat Chicken On Good Friday

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Can You Eat Chicken On Good Friday

An article on [] claimsYou can eat chicken on Good Friday, according to ( Catholics usually refrain from eating any kind of meat on this day, but many contemporary interpretations of this custom permit the ingestion of fowl like chicken. On Good Friday, you can opt to eat fish if you don’t want to eat any meat.


According to an article on [] (, eating chicken on Good Friday is not illegal under any laws. On Good Friday, you can opt to eat fish in its place if you’d rather not consume beef.

Good Friday is a day of fasting and abstinence from meat, according to some, while according to others, you can eat chicken on that day as long as you don’t consume any other meat. Fridays during Lent are a meat-free day for Catholics. An article on []( states that this includes Good Friday.

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