Max Hospital Full Body Checkup Price

Max Hospital Full Body Checkup Price

Max Hospital Full Body Checkup Price Everything You Need to Know

Max Hospital is one of the leading hospitals in India that offers a variety of health checkup packages. Their full body checkup packages are designed to screen for a range of health conditions, including diabetes, heart disease, cancer, and kidney disease.

The cost of a full body checkup at Max Hospital varies depending on the package you choose. The most basic package, the Health Screen, costs Rs 349. This package includes three tests a blood sugar test, a cholesterol test, and a liver function test.

The most comprehensive package, the Wellwise Platinum Profile, costs Rs 4199. This package includes 95 tests, covering a wide range of health areas. Some of the tests included in this package are

* Complete blood count (CBC)
* Liver function tests
* Kidney function tests
* Thyroid function tests
* Lipid profile
* Vitamin B12 level
* HIV test
* Hepatitis B and C tests

In addition to the cost of the checkup package, you may also need to pay for additional tests, such as an ECG or an ultrasound. The cost of these tests will vary depending on the specific test required.

Max Hospital offers a variety of payment options for their full body checkup packages. You can pay in cash, by credit card, or by debit card. You can also choose to pay in installments.

To book a full body checkup at Max Hospital, you can either call their call center or book an appointment online. When you book an appointment, you will need to provide your contact information, your date of birth, and your health insurance details (if applicable).

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A full body checkup at Max Hospital is a great way to screen for potential health problems and to get peace of mind. By knowing your health status, you can take steps to prevent disease and to live a healthy life.

Here are some additional things to keep in mind when considering a full body checkup at Max Hospital

* The cost of the checkup may be covered by your health insurance.
* You should talk to your doctor before getting a full body checkup to make sure it is right for you.
* You may need to fast for some of the tests.
* The results of your checkup may not be available immediately.
* You may need to follow up with your doctor after your checkup to discuss the results.

If you are considering a full body checkup at Max Hospital, be sure to weigh the cost, benefits, and risks before making a decision.

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